Windows Quick Guide

This guide contains useful Windows commands.

Display Unicode in a DOS window.


Operating system used
Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1 SP 2

Software prerequisites
  1. Open a DOS window.

  2. To display Unicode characters in the console window, you must use a TTF font like "Lucida Console" because the raster fonts don´t contain all the codepoints.

    Right-click on the title bar, choose Properties, go to the Fonts tab, and select Lucida Console in a readable size. You may or may not choose to make this option apply to future DOS sessions.

    Select Lucida Console.

  3. Check your current code page, type: chcp
    You could see:
    Active code page: 850

  4. To make your terminal support UTF-8, you must change the active code page, type: chcp 65001
    You should see:
    Active code page: 65001

  5. If you have a file with Unicode characters, type: more filename