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Show list of available character sets.


Operating system used
Windows Vista Home Premium SP 1

Software prerequisites

  1. Open a DOS box and type:
    C:\Tools\mysql\bin>mysql -uroot -pmysecret test

  2. To show a list of available character sets, type:
    show character set;

    You should see:
    Charset Description Default collation Maxlen
    big5 Big5 Traditional Chinese big5_chinese_ci 2
    dec8 DEC West European dec8_swedish_ci 1
    cp850 DOS West European cp850_general_ci 1
    hp8 HP West European hp8_english_ci 1
    koi8r KOI8-R Relcom Russian koi8r_general_ci 1
    latin1 cp1252 West European latin1_swedish_ci 1
    latin2 ISO 8859-2 Central European latin2_general_ci 1
    swe7 7bit Swedish swe7_swedish_ci 1
    ascii US ASCII ascii_general_ci 1
    ujis EUC-JP Japanese ujis_japanese_ci 3
    sjis Shift-JIS Japanese sjis_japanese_ci 2
    hebrew ISO 8859-8 Hebrew hebrew_general_ci 1
    tis620 TIS620 Thai tis620_thai_ci 1
    euckr EUC-KR Korean euckr_korean_ci 2
    koi8u KOI8-U Ukrainian koi8u_general_ci 1
    gb2312 GB2312 Simplified Chinese gb2312_chinese_ci 2
    greek ISO 8859-7 Greek greek_general_ci 1
    cp1250 Windows Central European cp1250_general_ci 1
    gbk GBK Simplified Chinese gbk_chinese_ci 2
    latin5 ISO 8859-9 Turkish latin5_turkish_ci 1
    armscii8 ARMSCII-8 Armenian armscii8_general_ci 1
    utf8 UTF-8 Unicode utf8_general_ci 3
    ucs2 UCS-2 Unicode ucs2_general_ci 2
    cp866 DOS Russian cp866_general_ci 1
    keybcs2 DOS Kamenicky Czech-Slovak keybcs2_general_ci 1
    macce Mac Central European macce_general_ci 1
    macroman Mac West European macroman_general_ci 1
    cp852 DOS Central European cp852_general_ci 1
    latin7 ISO 8859-13 Baltic latin7_general_ci 1
    cp1251 Windows Cyrillic cp1251_general_ci 1
    cp1256 Windows Arabic cp1256_general_ci 1
    cp1257 Windows Baltic cp1257_general_ci 1
    binary Binary pseudo charset binary 1
    geostd8 GEOSTD8 Georgian geostd8_general_ci 1
    cp932 SJIS for Windows Japanese cp932_japanese_ci 2
    eucjpms UJIS for Windows Japanese eucjpms_japanese_ci 3