PHP (= Hypertext Preprocessor) is an HTML-embedded server-side scripting language.

PHP is distributed at no charge for commercial or non-commercial use. For more information read the LICENSE information.

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Session save path

PHP stores session information into a directory. To enable this the php.ini file must be updated.
Note: A content management system like Mambo requires that the session save path is set.

Operating system used
Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1 SP 2

Software prerequisites

  1. Create a directory where the session information is stored, e.g:

  2. Make sure this directory is writeable, remove the read-only attribute assigned to this directory. On Windows XP the attribute can be removed as follow:
    Right click on the folder, select Properties, select tab General and uncheck the read-only attribute.

  3. Edit file c:\WINDOWS\php.ini. Change the following line:

    ;session.save_path = /tmp


    session.save_path= "c:\temp_php_session"

  4. Restart Apache.