Apache TCPMon

TCPMon is a utility that allows the messages (TCP based protocols) to be monitored and resent. It is useful as a debug tool and is based on swing and runs on almost all the platforms that Java supports.

The latest Apache TCPMon version can be downloaded from: http://ws.apache.org/commons/tcpmon/index.html

Monitor HTTP messages


Operating system used
Windows Vista Home Premium SP 1

Software prerequisites

  1. In this tutorial HTTP messages are monitored between your browser and www.yahoo.com.

    Monitor HTTP messages

  2. Start TCPMon, double click: C:\tools\tcpmon-1.0-bin\build\tcpmon.bat

    Apache TCPMon startup

  3. Select tab Admin and type:

    Listen Port #: 8080 (you can choose any free port number on your PC)
    Target Hostname: www.yahoo.com (the hostname where the messages are send)
    Target Port #: 80

    TCPMon Admin tab

  4. Press the Add button. Tab "Port 8080" is created.

    Tab Port 8080

  5. Open your browser and type: http://localhost:8080.

    Enter http://localhost:8080

  6. In Tab "Port 8080" you can see the HTTP messages send and received from www.yahoo.com.

    Send and receive HTTP messages