CVS (Concurrent Versions System) is an open-source network-transparent version control system for individual developers to large, distributed teams.

CVSNT is made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License and can be installed on Windows (NT, 2000, XP) Linux and Unix installations.

The latest CVSNT version can be downloaded from:

A GUI front-end for CVS can be downloaded from:

Setup cvswrappers file


Operating system used
Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1 SP 2

Software prerequisites

  1. Before using CVS, it is recommended to update the cvswrappers file. The cvswrapper file contains file extensions which determines which file should be stored as binary files in the CVS repository. To update this file do the following:

    • mkdir c:\remove
    • cd c:\remove
    • cvs co CVSROOT
    • cd CVSROOT
    • Add the following file extensions in the cvswrappers file, e.g.:

      *.a -k 'b'
      *.avi -k 'b'
      *.bin -k 'b'
      *.bmp -k 'b'
      *.bz2 -k 'b'
      *.cab -k 'b'
      *.class -k 'b'
      *.doc -k 'b'
      *.dll -k 'b'
      *.ear -k 'b'
      *.exe -k 'b'
      *.exp -k 'b'
      *.fla -k 'b'
      *.gif -k 'b'
      *.gz -k 'b'
      *.hqx -k 'b'
      *.ilk -k 'b'
      *.jar -k 'b'
      *.jpeg -k 'b'
      *.jpg -k 'b'
      *.lib -k 'b'
      *.mov -k 'b'
      *.mpeg -k 'b'
      *.mpg -k 'b'
      *.mp3 -k 'b'
      *.msi -k 'b'
      *.mso -k 'b'
      *.ncb -k 'b'
      *.o -k 'b'
      *.obj -k 'b'
      *.ogg -k 'b'
      *.pdb -k 'b'
      *.pdf -k 'b'
      *.pfw -k 'b'
      *.png -k 'b'
      *.ppt -k 'b'
      *.res -k 'b'
      *.rpm -k 'b'
      *.sit -k 'b'
      *.so -k 'b'
      *.swf -k 'b'
      *.tar -k 'b'
      *.tgz -k 'b'
      *.tif -k 'b'
      *.tiff -k 'b'
      *.tlb -k 'b'
      *.vsd -k 'b'
      *.xls -k 'b'
      *.war -k 'b'
      *.wmv -k 'b'
      *.wmz -k 'b'
      *.zip -k 'b'

    • cvs commit

  2. For more information see quick guide: "How to use CVS"