Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. It consists of two parts:
  • A DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a Linux emulation layer providing substantial Linux API functionality.
  • A collection of the popular GNU development tools.
Cygwin runs on all modern 32 bit versions of Windows, except Windows CE. This includes Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista. Cygwin is distributed at no charge for commercial or non-commercial use. For more information read the Cygwin licensing terms.

More information about Cygwin can be found at:

The latest Cygwin version can be downloaded from:

Online documentation about Cygwin can be found at:

Documentation for the individual GNU tools can be found at:

Search package

If you know the utility name for example "diff" and "patch" but you do not know in which package(s) these utilities are available, follow this guide.

Operating system used
Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1 SP 2

Software prerequisites

  1. Go to

  2. Enter the utility name in the "Search Package List" text box.
    Be as specific as possible.

    For example:
    Type: /diff.exe and press the Go button.
    Type: /patch.exe and press the Go button.

    Note: If you just entered diff.exe you will find more solutions.

  3. diff.exe can be found in package "diffutils".
    patch.exe can be found in package "patch".

  4. Start up the setup.exe utility, see guide "Installing Cygwin" and press the View button untill the view style shows "Full".

    Cygwin show packages

  5. By clicking on the toggle Cygwin toggle you can install both packages.

    Note 1: If you do not see these packages then it is NOT downloaded in your "Local Package Directory". Please follow the guide "Installing Cygwin" if you do not understand this concept.

    Note 2:
    In this example binutils is already installed. Next to the toggle the word "Keep" is shown which means this package is already installed.

    If the toggle shows "Skip" the package is not installed. To install the package press the toggle until a version number is diplayed.

  6. If both packages are installed, verify this:

    • Open a dos window.

    • Type: diff --help
      The diff help is displayed.

    • Type: patch --help
      The patch help is displayed.

  7. From a few utilities its package and category can be found below:

    addftinfo.exe groff Text
    addr2line.exe binutils Devel
    ar.exe binutils Devel
    as.exe binutils Devel
    ascii.exe cygutils Utils
    ash.exe ash Base,Shells
    banner.exe cygutils Utils
    basename.exe coreutils Base
    bash.exe bash Base,Shells
    bigram.exe findutils Base
    bunzip2.exe bzip2 Utils
    bzcat.exe bzip2 Utils
    bzip2.exe bzip2 Utils
    bzip2recover.exe bzip2 Utils
    c++filt.exe binutils Devel
    cal.exe cygutils Utils
    captoinfo.exe ncursus Base, Libs
    cat.exe coreutils Base
    cc.exe gcc-core Devel
    certtool.exe gnutls Net
    chgrp.exe coreutils Base
    chmod.exe coreutils Base
    chown.exe coreutils Base
    chroot.exe coreutils Base
    cksum.exe coreutils Base
    clear.exe ncursus Base, Libs
    cmp.exe diffutils Devel
    code.exe findutils Base
    col.exe cygutils Utils
    colcrt.exe cygutils Utils
    colcrm.exe cygutils Utils
    column.exe cygutils Utils
    comm.exe coreutils Base
    conv.exe cygutils Utils
    cc.exe gcc-core Devel
    cp.exe coreutils Base
    cpp.exe gcc-core Devel
    crypt.exe crypt Libs
    csplit.exe coreutils Base
    cut.exe coreutils Base
    cygcheck.exe cygwin Base
    cygpath.exe cygwin Base
    cygstart.exe cygutils Utils
    d2u.exe cygutils Utils
    date.exe coreutils Base
    dd.exe coreutils Base
    ddate.exe cygutils Utils
    df.exe coreutils Base
    diff.exe diffutils Devel
    diff3.exe diffutils Devel
    dir.exe coreutils Base
    dircolors.exe coreutils Base
    dirname.exe coreutils Base
    dlltool.exe binutils Devel
    dllwrap.exe binutils Devel
    dos2unix.exe cygutils Utils
    du.exe coreutils Base
    dump.exe cygutils Utils
    dumper.exe cygwin Base
    dumpgdbm-1.3.22.exe gdbm Base
    dumpgdbm-1.5.2.exe gdbm Base
    dumpgdbm.exe gdbm Base
    echo.exe coreutils Base
    editrights.exe editrights Base
    env.exe coreutils Base
    eqn.exe groff Text
    expand.exe coreutils Base
    expr.exe coreutils Base
    factor.exe coreutils Base
    false.exe coreutils Base
    fileman.exe readline Devel, Libs
    find.exe findutils Base
    fmt.exe coreutils Base
    fold.exe coreutils Base
    frcode.exe findutils Base
    g++.exe gcc-g++ Devel
    gawk-3.1.5.exe gawk Base, Interpreters
    gawk.exe gawk Base, Interpreters
    gcc.exe gcc-core Devel
    gcov.exe gcc-core Devel
    getclip.exe cygutils Utils
    getfacl.exe cygwin Base
    getopt.exe cygutils Utils
    gkill.exe coreutils Base
    gnutls-cli-debug.exe gnutls Net
    gnutls-cli.exe gnutls Net
    gnutls-serv.exe gnutls Net
    gnutls-srpcrypt.exe gnutls Net
    gpg-error.exe libgpg-error Libs
    gprof.exe binutils Devel
    grcat.exe gawk Base, Interpreters
    grep.exe grep Base
    grn.exe groff Text
    grodvi.exe groff Text
    groff.exe groff Text
    grolbp.exe groff Text
    grolj4.exe groff Text
    grops.exe groff Text
    grotty.exe groff Text
    gunzip.exe gzip Base
    gzip.exe gzip Base
    head.exe coreutils Base
    histexamp.exe readline Devel, Libs
    hostid.exe coreutils Base
    hostname.exe coreutils Base
    hpftodit.exe groff Text
    i686-pc-cygwin-gcc.exe gcc-core Devel
    i686-pc-cygwin-gcc-3.4.4.exe gcc-core Devel
    iconv.exe libiconv Devel, Libs
    id.exe coreutils Base
    indxbib.exe groff Text
    info.exe textinfo Doc, Text
    infocmp.exe ncursus Base, Libs
    infokey.exe textinfo Doc, Text
    infotocap.exe ncursus Base, Libs
    install-info.exe textinfo Doc, Text
    install.exe coreutils Base
    ipcrm.exe cygwin Base
    ipcs.exe cygwin Base
    join.exe coreutils Base
    kill.exe cygwin Base
    ld.exe binutils Devel
    less.exe less Text
    lessecho.exe less Text
    lesskey.exe less Text
    link.exe coreutils Base
    lkbib.exe groff Text
    ln.exe coreutils Base
    loadgdbm-1.3.22.exe gdbm Base
    loadgdbm-1.5.2.exe gdbm Base
    loadgdbm.exe gdbm Base
    locate.exe findutils Base
    login.exe login Base
    logname.exe coreutils Base
    lookbib.exe groff Text
    lpr.exe cygutils Utils
    ls.exe coreutils Base
    make.exe make Devel
    makeinfo.exe textinfo Doc, Text
    man.exe man Base, Doc, System
    manpath.exe man Base, Doc, System
    man2html.exe man Base, Doc, System
    mcookie.exe cygutils Utils
    md5sum.exe coreutils Base
    mkdir.exe coreutils Base
    mkfifo.exe coreutils Base
    mkgroup.exe cygwin Base
    mknod.exe coreutils Base
    mkpasswd.exe cygwin Base
    mkshortcut.exe cygutils Utils
    mktemp.exe mktemp Devel
    mount.exe cygwin Base
    msgtool.exe cygutils Utils
    mv.exe coreutils Base
    namei.exe cygutils Utils
    nice.exe coreutils Base
    nl.exe coreutils Base
    nm.exe binutils Devel
    nohup.exe coreutils Base
    objcopy.exe binutils Devel
    objdump.exe binutils Devel
    od.exe coreutils Base
    passwd.exe cygwin Base
    paste.exe coreutils Base
    patch.exe patch Utils
    pathchk.exe coreutils Base
    pfbtops.exe groff Text
    pgawk-3.1.5.exe gawk Base, Interpreters
    pgawk.exe gawk Base, Interpreters
    pic.exe groff Text
    pinky.exe coreutils Base
    post-grohtml.exe groff Text
    pr.exe coreutils Base
    pre-grohtml.exe groff Text
    printenv.exe coreutils Base
    printf.exe coreutils Base
    protoize.exe gcc-core Devel
    ps.exe cygwin Base
    ptx.exe coreutils Base
    putclip.exe cygutils Utils
    pwcat.exe gawk Base, Interpreters
    pwd.exe coreutils Base
    ranlib.exe binutils Devel
    readelf.exe binutils Devel
    readlink.exe coreutils Base
    readshortcut.exe cygutils Utils
    realpath.exe cygutils Utils
    refer.exe groff Text
    regtool.exe cygwin Base
    rename.exe cygutils Utils
    reset.exe ncursus Base, Libs
    rev.exe cygutils Utils
    rl.exe readline Devel, Libs
    rlcat.exe readline Devel, Libs
    rltest.exe readline Devel, Libs
    rlversion.exe readline Devel, Libs
    rm.exe coreutils Base
    rmdir.exe coreutils Base
    rmt.exe tar Base
    run.exe run Base
    sdiff.exe diffutils Base
    sed.exe sed Base
    semstat.exe cygutils Utils
    semtool.exe cygutils Utils
    seq.exe coreutils Base
    setfacl.exe cygwin Base
    sh.exe ash Base,Shells
    sha1sum.exe coreutils Base
    shmtool.exe cygutils Utils
    shred.exe coreutils Base
    size.exe binutils Devel
    sleep.exe coreutils Base
    soelim.exe groff Text
    sort.exe coreutils Base
    split.exe coreutils Base
    srptool.exe gnutls Net
    ssp.exe cygwin Base
    stat.exe coreutils Base
    strace.exe cygwin Base
    strings.exe binutils Devel
    strip.exe binutils Devel
    stty.exe coreutils Base
    su.exe coreutils Base
    sum.exe coreutils Base
    sync.exe coreutils Base
    tac.exe coreutils Base
    tack.exe ncursus Base, Libs
    tail.exe coreutils Base
    tar.exe tar Base
    tbl.exe groff Text
    tee.exe coreutils Base
    test.exe coreutils Base
    testdbm.exe gdbm Base
    testgdbm.exe gdbm Base
    testndbm.exe gdbm Base
    texindex.exe textinfo Doc, Text
    tfmtodit.exe groff Text
    tic.exe ncursus Base, Libs
    toe.exe ncursus Base, Libs
    touch.exe coreutils Base
    tput.exe ncursus Base, Libs
    tr.exe coreutils Base
    troff.exe groff Text
    true.exe coreutils Base
    tset.exe ncursus Base, Libs
    tsort.exe coreutils Base
    tty.exe coreutils Base
    u2d.exe cygutils Utils
    umount.exe cygwin Base
    uname.exe coreutils Base
    unexpand.exe coreutils Base
    uniq.exe coreutils Base
    unix2dos.exe cygutils Utils
    unlink.exe coreutils Base
    unprotoize.exe gcc-core Devel
    users.exe coreutils Base
    vdir.exe coreutils Base
    wc.exe coreutils Base
    which.exe which Base
    who.exe coreutils Base
    whoami.exe coreutils Base
    whois.exe whois Net
    windres.exe binutils Devel
    xargs.exe findutils Base
    yes.exe coreutils Base
    zcat.exe gzip Base
    [.exe coreutils Base