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Actionscript 3.0 key codes

Description CharacterKey code
backspace [bs] 8
horizontal tab [ht] 9
carriage return [cr] 13
escape [esc] 27
space [space]32
exclamation mark ! 
quotation mark " 
number sign # 
dollar sign $ 
percent sign % 
ampersand & 
apostrophe '222
left parenthesis ( 
right parenthesis ) 
asterisk * 
plus sign + 
comma ,188
hyphen -189
period (fullstop) .190
solidus (slash) /191
0 048
1 149
2 250
3 351
4 452
5 553
6 654
7 755
8 856
9 957
colon : 
semi-colon ;186
less-than sign < 
equals sign =187
greater-than sign > 
question mark ? 
commercial at @ 
A A 
B B 
C C 
D D 
E E 
F F 
G G 
H H 
I I 
J J 
K K 
L L 
M M 
N N 
O O 
P P 
Q Q 
R R 
S S 
T T 
U U 
V V 
W W 
X X 
Y Y 
Z Z 
left square bracket [219
reverse solidus (backslash) \220
right square bracket ]221
caret ^ 
horizontal bar (underscore) _ 
acute accent `192
a a65
b b66
c c67
d d68
e e69
f f70
g g71
h h72
i i73
j j74
k k75
l l76
m m77
n n78
o o79
p p80
q q81
r r82
s s83
t t84
u u85
v v86
w w87
x x88
y y89
z z90
left curly brace { 
vertical bar | 
right curly brace } 
tilde ~ 
delete [del] 46
insert [insert]45
F1 [F1]112
F2 [F2]113
F3 [F3]114
F4 [F4]115
F5 [F5]116
F6 [F6]117
F7 [F7]118
F8 [F8]119
F9 [F9]120
F10 [F10]121
F11 [F11] 
F12 [F12] 
caps lock [caps lock] 20
shift [shift] 16
num lock [num lock] 144
page up [page up] 33
page down [page down] 34
home [home] 36
end [end] 35
insert [insert] 45
control [control] 17
alt [alt]  
print screen [prnt scrn]