Flash movies are interactive vector graphics and animation for web sites. Web designers use Flash to create navigation controls, animated logos, long-form animations with synchronized sound, and even complete, sensory-rich web sites. Flash movies are compact, vector graphics, so they download rapidly and scale to the viewer´s screen size.

More information about Flash:
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Flash Search Engine Optimization tips

More information see: Improved Flash indexing.


  1. The html file where the .swf file is embedded, must have a descriptive title tag and descriptive meta tags.

  2. If required, create below the embedded swf a text which you can hide from users but will be found by search bots.
    To hide text from users:

       <style type="text/css">
          .hideContent {display: none;}
    Your swf file can be embedded here.
    <div class="hideContent">
    Appellant delectatio discordia facer facile simulent. Contemnit cruciantur derepta disputata illae improborum inertissimae placerat plato tantopere vexetur. Duo falsis habemus honeste invidiae, nivem ostendit pueros quondam rationis, solida transferrem tribuat. Eius iudicant nasci numquid variis. </div>
    <br />
    Your footer can be placed here.

  3. Embed Adobe Flash Player content using SWFObject 2, see: http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/.