Git is a distributed revision control system designed and developed by Linus Torvalds. Every Git clone is a full fledged repository with a complete history and full revision tracking capabilities, not dependant on network access or a central repository server.

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Create a remote git repository on external harddrive

Setup a git repository on an external hardrive and use this repository as the remote repository. On your laptop you can setup a local repository and push the changes to the remote repository.

Operating system used

Software prerequisites

  1. On external harddrive create a folder.
    Type: mkdir myrepo.git

    On macOS this folder is located at:

  2. Create a bare repo on the external harddrive.
    Type: cd myrepo.git
    Type: git init --bare

  3. On your laptop create a folder.
    Type: mkdir ~/myrepo

  4. Make myrepo a local git repository on your laptop.
    Type: cd ~/myrepo
    Type: git init

  5. Create file ~/myrepo/.gitignore

  6. Hook the local repository to the remote repository.
    Type: git remote add origin /Volumes/Backup/myrepo.git

  7. Add your local repository to your favorite Git desktop client.
    For example: SourceTree

    Add local repo to Git desktop client

  8. Open SourceTree, select myrepo and select Settings.

    SourceTree settings

  9. Select tab Remotes.
    Select the Remote repository path: origin /Volumes/Backup/myrepo.git

    SourceTree settings

  10. Select Edit button
    Select Host Type: Unknown and press OK button.

    SourceTree host type

  11. In ~/myrepo, create folders, subfolders and files.
    Commit files to your local git repository.

  12. Push to the remote repository running on the external hard drive.