Git is a distributed revision control system designed and developed by Linus Torvalds. Every Git clone is a full fledged repository with a complete history and full revision tracking capabilities, not dependant on network access or a central repository server.

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Create bitbucket app password and add this password to Sourcetree

Starting from March 1, 2022, Bitbucket Cloud stopped supporting account passwords for Git authentication.
Use Bitbucket App passwords to solve this problem.

Operating system used

Software prerequisites

  1. Login into your Bitbucket account:

  2. In the left hand menu, select "Your profile and settings"

    Bitbucket profile and settings

  3. Select "Personal Settings"

    Bitbucket personal settings

  4. Select "App Passwords"

    Bitbucket app password

  5. Press button "Create app password"

    Bitbucket app password

  6. Enter a Label and select the following permissions:
    • Account: Email, Read
    • Repositories: Read, Write

    Bitbucket create label

    This label name will not be used anywhere but you can revoke the password assigned to this label name.

  7. Press the Create button.

  8. Record and store this app password.

    Bitbucket app password

    Bitbucket app password overview

  9. Start Sourcetree (Mac) and select menu: Sourcetree | Preferences

    Sourcetree preferences

  10. Select tab Accounts and select the bitbucket account where the repository is administered.

    Select bitbucket account

  11. Enter the app password.
    Auth Type: basics
    Protocol: HTTPS

    Enter app password

    The username is the Bitbucket account name, and Not the label name!

  12. Press the Save button. You can now access the git repository with Sourcetree using the app password.