Java 2 Enterprise Edition SDK (J2EE SDK)

To develop end-to-end enterprise solutions focusing on the server side you can use the Java 2 Enterprise Edition Software Development Kit (J2EE SDK).

The latest J2EE SDK version can be downloaded from:

Installing J2EE SDK 5.0.7 + GlassFish 2.1

There are several downloads available. This tutorial is based on the GlassFish + Java EE download.

Operating system used
Windows Vista Home Premium SP 1

Software prerequisites
J2SE SDK version 1.5 or higher

You need the J2SE SDK to run the J2EE server and to build and run J2EE applications. If your J2EE application client resides on a different machine than the J2EE server, then you must install the J2SE SDK on both the server and client machines. (This rule applies only to J2EE application clients, not to Web browser clients.)

  1. If you use Windows Vista, disable the User Account Control feature.

  2. Download and execute java_ee_sdk-5_07-windows-nojdk.exe (GlassFish + Java EE).

  3. Press Next button


  4. Read license agreement, select Yes and press Next button.

    Read License agreement

  5. Select location where to install Java EE 5 SDK and press Next button.
    Note: I have created directory: C:\tools\Java\j2ee5.0

    Java EE 5 SDK location

  6. Select location previous installed JDK 5.0 or greater version and press Next button.

    JDK location

  7. Enter Admin Configuration:
    • Admin User Name: admin
    • Pasword: adminsecret
    • Re-enter Pasword: adminsecret
    • Select: "Prompt for Admin User Name and Password".
    • Press Next button

    Admin configuration

  8. Enter Installation Options:
    • Only enable: "Add bin directory to PATH".
    • Press Next button

    Installation options

  9. Information is displayed what will be installed. Press "Install Now".

    Show installation information

  10. Installation progress is displayed.

    Installation progress

  11. Enter your Sun Online Account and press Next button.

    Enter registration information

    Note: To register for a free Sun Online Account, see:

  12. Your registration information is checked and press OK button.

    Registration success

  13. The installation is complete, press Finish button.

    Installation complete

  14. The following items are created under Windows: Start | All Programs
    • In the Startup folder: SDK Tray Menu

      SDK Tray Menu

    • In the Sun Microsystems folder: Several applications

      Installation complete

  15. To start the Default Server, select: Start | All Programs | Sun Microsystems | Java EE 5 SDK | "Start Default Server".

    Start Default Server

    The Admin Console is available at: http://localhost:4848/
    The Web Applications are available at: http://localhost:8080/ and https://localhost:8181/

  16. Open your browser and type: http://localhost:4848/

    Sun GlassFish Administration Console Login

    Enter your administrator login account (see step 6):
    User Name: admin
    Pasword: adminsecret

  17. The Sun GlassFish Administration Console is displayed.

    Sun GlassFish Administration Console

  18. Open your browser and type: http://localhost:8080/, to check if your GlassFish Enterprise Server is running.

    GlassFish Enterprise Server is running

  19. To stop the Default Server, select: Start | All Programs | Sun Microsystems | Java EE 5 SDK | "Stop Default Server".