3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max (3dsmax) is a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering tool.
It is owned by Autodesk, an United States (San Rafael, California) based company.

More information about 3D Studio Max can be found at: http://www.autodesk.com/3dsmax/
Note: A free 30 days trial version can be downloaded from the Autodesk site.

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Export 184 Plug-in.

The information below is based on 3D Studio Max 7.

3D Studio Max 7 supports developing mobile games using the JSR-184 format. The scene can be exported to a JSR-184 format using the Export 184 plug-in. The exported m3g file can be previewed using the JSR-184 Standalone Player. The exporter and player are developed by Digital Element.

To successfully export a scene to an m3g file it is helpfull to note the following:
  • M3G imposes the following restrictions when assigning textures to a model:
    1. The dimensions must be powers of two (4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128...).

    2. Texture dimensions are limited to a 256x256 maximum.
      Note: Use small textures if possible to reduce the m3g file size.
      Use paletized images (256 colours).

    The texture tool lets you quickly change all the textures in your JSR-184 scene to meet these standards.

  • The M3G exporter tool has some limitations:
    • Integer precision: This limits the accuracy of small meshes of only a few units in size. For best results, use relatively large meshes. Scaled objects also might exhibit precision problems.

    • Linear interpolation: Smoothly curved paths defined by only a few keys are not supported.

    • No support for shadows.

  • Do not use procedural textures or materials.

  • Add a background to the scene. To avoid the white background, try setting the ambient environment in the scene, or alternatively some surface or a skybox as background.

  • Add a camera into the scene.

  • Add a light source into the scene.

  • When creating the model make sure the vertex coordinates are in the range [-100, 100] and NOT [-1,1].

  • It is better to export simple scenes or single models.

  • Do not compress the m3g file.

  • Always retain the unit scale of 3Dsmax as generic units.
    The scale of the models will be the same as one 3Dsmax unit.

More information about the Export 184 Plug-in for 3ds max can be found at: Procedure
  1. Start 3D Studio Max and load the 3dsmax model. For example teapot1.max.
    This model will be exported to an m3g file.

  2. To export the 3dsmax model, choose menu: File > Export.

  3. Locate a directory where you want to store the m3g file.
    Enter a filename, for example: teapot1
    Choose save as type: JSR-184 (*.M3G)
    Press Save button.

    The JSR-184 exporter dialog is shown, displaying the scene hierarchy.
    Here below an example:

    3DSMax 7, teapot export.

    By default, all of the elements in your scene are also listed for export in the JSR-184 scene. If you wish to export a particular object in your scene, use File > Export Selected, or delete the objects you do not wish to export by clicking it. If an object is a descendant within an hierarchy, it will be exported with its hierarchy. The same applies for objects in a group.

  4. In the JSR 184 scene window, select an [Active Camera].
    In this example only 2 cameras are added to the scene of which Camera01 is selected.

    3DSMax 7, select camera in exporter tool.

  5. Change the Export Settings in the tool.

    Export Setting Description Value
    Authoring Message This message is required by the JSR-184 file format standard and is usually reserved for entering copyright notice information. This message is stored in the header portion of the M3G file. For eample: Mobilefish.com
    Project Root The Project Root sets the location of the root of the project. If you do not enter a path in this field, all external references within the M3G file are loaded from the same location as the current file. If you have entered a string, such as


    then external references are loaded from locations named like

    Show Hidden Objects Shows all the hidden objects in the 3ds max scene hierarchy. enable
    Compress M3G File Compresses all the data in the exported M3G file. disable
    Auto Assign User IDs Automatically assigns unique User ID values to all exported objects. enable

  6. Click Export button.

  7. After export two files are created (no messages are displayed during export), for example:
    The log file (teapot1.html) is saved in the same directory as the M3G file. The log file contains an entry for all the objects exported to the M3G file format.

    • Layer
      Indicates the layer value.

    • Object Name
      Contains the name of the corresponding 3ds max object.

    • Object Type
      Indicates the type of saved object.

    • User ID
      Displays the User ID for the object.

    • Object Size
      Shows the object size (in kilobytes) for the object.

    • Comments
      Displays additional information such as errors and warnings.

  8. Preview the exported JSR-184 scene in the standalone M3G Player.
    You can find the player in Start > Programs > discreet > 3ds max 7 > JSR-184 Player.

    3DSMax 7, teapot1.m3g file.