3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max (3dsmax) is a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering tool.
It is owned by Autodesk, an United States (San Rafael, California) based company.

More information about 3D Studio Max can be found at: http://www.autodesk.com/3dsmax/
Note: A free 30 days trial version can be downloaded from the Autodesk site.

Some 3D Studio Max forums:

Setup 3D Studio Max

This guide is based on 3D Studio Max 7.

  1. Retrieve default layout.

    3DSMax 7 menu: Customize

    • Select menu: Customize | Load Custom UI Scheme
    • Select: ..\3dsmax7\UI\DefaultUI.ui

  2. Change unit scale.
    • Select menu: Customize | Units Setup
    • Select Display Units Scale: Metrics and select Meters

  3. Change grid settings.
    • Select menu: Customize | Grid and Snap Settings
    • Select tab: Home Grid
    • Enter Grid spacing: 0,1m
    • Enter Major Lines every Nth Grid Line: 10