3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max (3dsmax) is a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering tool.
It is owned by Autodesk, an United States (San Rafael, California) based company.

More information about 3D Studio Max can be found at: http://www.autodesk.com/3dsmax/
Note: A free 30 days trial version can be downloaded from the Autodesk site.

Some 3D Studio Max forums:

FAQ, tips and tricks.

The information below is based on 3D Studio Max 7.

  1. If the wireframe view is hard to read, right-click the viewport label (in the upper-left corner). Choose Smooth + Highlights from the pop-up menu.

  2. Rendering can be a slow process, so use the small size at first. On the Common Parameters rollout, in the Output Size group, make sure the output size is 320x240. If you are happy with the image, you can render it at a higher resolution later.

  3. The rendered frame window can be cloned and is useful when you are doing a series of test renderings.

    Cloned rendered framed window

  4. To change the viewport background color:
    Customize > Customize User Interface > Colors

  5. Sometimes if is difficult to select an object. Press H and select the object.
    Another way is: Edit > Select By > Name